Weekly Gold Report 15/05/2015

Monday AM
Gold opened on the London market this morning at £768.37 a fraction down on Fridays close.
Monday PM.
And retreated by half a percent at the afternoon fix.
Tuesday AM
Opening saw a further 1% fall in price.
Tuesday PM
With a strong rally by the afternoon fix.
Wednesday AM
Wednesday opening held golds rally.
Wednesday PM
The afternoon fix saw a further rally.
Thursday AM
Losing some of that gain at opening.
Thursday PM
But moving sharply up by the afternoon fix.
Friday AM
We saw a slight fall at opening this morning.
Friday PM
Gold closed the week out at £774.568 per troy ounce a .8% gain on the week.
This weeks London Gold Report for the week ending 15th May 2015 brought to you by scrapgoldbuyer.co.uk

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