Royal Mint Launch New Website

Royal Mint Launch Coin Trading Site

The Royal Mint has launched its own online coin trading service in a bid to entice investors away from shares and into gold and silver coins. Will this spark a new gold rush?, you will be able to buy unlimited quantities of gold coins directly from the Mint. This removes the worry about untrustworthy coin dealers. If you are worried about keeping your gold secure for a fee of 1%, plus VAT, of your gold value per year the Mint will store your coinage in its high security vault which is defended by the MOD.

You can buy just from one silver Britannia coin or as many sovereigns as you wish, there is no maximum buying limit.

Gold sovereign

The Mint has been producing coins for more than 1,000 years, the current gold sovereign has its weight and purity guaranteed to five decimal places by a 1971 Act of Parliament and been produced by the mint for 500 years.

Gold is often seen as a defensive in times of world uncertainty, the joy of owning physical gold is that it can be converted back to cash almost instantly. The Mint says it can reassure investors they are getting the best possible price, as prices are linked to current market values, which will be displayed on the site. The Mint will also use current market prices to buy back your god and silver should you wish to sell.

Although gold is often seen as a secure investment, it is not immune to market forces. Gold peaked in the autumn of 2011 and started to fall in autumn 2012 as the global economy and investor confidence recovered and the price of gold recorded its longest run of monthly declines since 1996.

Caveat emptor

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