Gold ring scam

The fake gold ring scam

This scam usually starts with someone bending down close to you and picking up a “gold ring”. This could be a wedding band, a St Georges ring , logo such as Mercedes ring or signet rings. They will be heavy and have some form attempted hallmark, very crude or worn looking. This will be a 750 mark and maybe a “makers mark”.

fake rings

Gold scam hallmark on sygnet ring

Gold scam wedding ring

The marks are difficult to apply and the signet rings will normally have them directly under the top of the ring as this is easier to hand etch. Hallmarks are always placed on the shank of a ring, so that is the first sign that the ring is fake. The really lazy makers put the hallmark on the outside of the ring. This is only used for commemorative events where it is made a feature of the design. There were over five million pieces of jewellery and silver with the Millennium Mark used to celebrate the turn of the century.

The person, with a heavy East European accent, will hand you the ring they have just found in front of you. They will say it is no use to them and that you should have it.

The punchline comes next, they haven’t eaten for days and could you spare some money for food, usually £10 but never higher than £20. If you fall for the scam and pay you have just purchased and expensive piece of brass! At this point if you refuse it gets a bit more insistent and vocal. Either appealing to your greed at thinking you will made some money or the nuisance factor to get them to go away.

Persistent refusal or threat to go to the police normally will put an end to it, but you need to be impervious to the harassment .

Needless to say the rings are valueless, normally highly polished brass, and the scammer will have a pocketful of them. They have been know to just offer them for sale for a £1, on a be a bad day.

These scams are normally in tourist areas, train stations, bus depots and other place of high footfall.

Variations on a theme.
Did you drop this?
Is this yours?

Like all scams they work on the principal of appealing to make an excessive profit.

The moral is you can’t cheat an honest person.


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