Gold Plated Silver

A good friend of mine, who runs a bricks and mortar shop in East Grinstead, has warned me of a new ruse that has been recently attempted at his emporium.

It is a variation on an old theme, but a bit subtler. It is the use of hallmarked gold catches being soldered on to gold plated silver chains.

When the price of gold rocketed a number of retailers started selling gold plated silverĀ chains and bracelets as the prices move out of their demographics. The fakers have cottoned on to this. The gold will have had the gloss taken off and aged, so it looks genuine. With the hallmarks on the clasps it would look to the eye to be real gold.

The only sure fire check is the “acid test”. Cut into a link and use a testing solution, once the plate has been broken the acid will fizz bright green.

Don’t get caught out. Test test test.

Gold Curb Chain

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