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The London Gold Fix Ltd and the gold fix is issued twice a day at 10.30 and 15.00.
It is priced per troy ounce of pure gold.


Weekly Gold Report 13/11/2015

Monday AM
The morning gold fix showed a .5% fall over the weekend opening at £725.948
Monday PM.
Gold retreated again by the afternoon gold fix
Tuesday AM
Slightly up this morning
Tuesday PM
But back down by the afternoon fix
Wednesday AM
Starting to develop a trend at this midway point opening down
Wednesday PM
Continuing the downward trend
Thursday AM
Slight rally but nothing to get excited about
Thursday PM
Down we go
Friday AM
Down again
Friday PM
And finishing the eek down 2.1% at £710.788
This weeks London Gold Report for the week ending 13th November 2015 brought to you by