1984 Tungsten 1oz Krugerrand

1984 Tungsten Krugerrand

There is a batch of fake, good quality tungsten “gold” coins now in circulation. Tungsten was very difficult to work with as it is a brittle metal, but it would seem technology has moved forward.

Fake Krugerrand

There are some 1oz Gold Krugerrand’s in circulation bearing the date 1984, which are the correct weight and size. This thwarts the test of weight and size as previously coins were either underweight or oversized.

The correct weight for a 1oz Krugerrand is 33.93 grams, comprising of 31.1035g of gold and 2.826g of copper. This gold blend is known as Crown Gold is what gives the Krugerrand its distinctive colour.

A 1oz Krugerrand should be 32.77mm in diameter, 2.84mm thick and have 160 serrations around the edge, proof coins made specifically for collectors have 220 serrations around the edge.

1oz Krugerrand
The genuine article

The only differentiator is the sound of the coin when struck, producing a dull thud rather than distinctive ring.

Beware of any 1984 1oz Krugerrand you are offered.

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